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Summer Non-Toxic Beauty Must Haves!

Summer is here which means I’ll be having a lot of my sugar-free margaritas (la croix, lime, jalapeno, and organic tequila) and sunshine!

With that comes a lot of potential sun & hair damage- ugh!

I have been taking my skincare routine very seriously lately. I’m prone to dark spots/hyperpigmentation and the sun darkens those spots almost immediately. Living in Arizona, I need to have the best sunscreen and anti-aging skincare out there! I HATE sunscreen because it smells bad and is filled with chemicals-right!? Luckily the ladies over at my favorite non-toxic beauty bar helped me pick an amazing non-toxic and TINTED sunscreen! I love the tint because if I’m running a few errands, the tint gives me just enough coverage to look presentable to the world even if I don’t want to put on a full face of make-up! The same brand also has body sunscreen as well. Click here to learn more about SUNTEGRITY Sunscreen-Tinted and SUNTEGRITY Body Sunscreen!!

After my face is exposed to the sun all day- I love removing all of my make-up and smothering my face in Indee Lee’s Squalane Oil! Seriously, this oil is amazing! A little goes a long way so you can easily rub a small amount onto your face, neck, chest, and hands.

The sun also tends to make my hair extremely dry! A few years ago I started washing my hair every 2-3 days to avoid dryness. It sounds gross but in all honestly, your hair’s oil production slows down and adjusts with your washing schedule.  Washing your hair too much can strip your hair from its natural oils resulting in dry hair. My favorite shampoo and conditioner for the past year has been by Innersense. The shampoo is very thick so you’ll want to make sure you wash it out entirely. The condition is best used only from the ears down. Lastly, the leave-in conditioner is necessary for rough, damaged hair!

You can grab all of these products from my favorite non-toxic beauty bar- Citrine Beauty Bar! If you’re located in Phoenix- I HIGHLY recommend you go to the store, get a mini-facial to test the products, and allow the talented employees to assist you with specific skin-care purchases. However, they ship world-wide and can offer you product advice via DM on their Instagram!

Also, they are running a promotion this Memorial Day Weekend! Spend $150 and get a GLAM BAG for free! Citrine is known for their Glam Bag events. I think they have had 6 so far, and I have participated in every single one…! You get an adorable make up bag filled with samples, deluxe size samples, and FULL size products! The bag is usually valued between $100-$200.  It’s amazing to take advantage of this event because the products at the store can be expensive, therefore, if you pair it with a Glam Bag event it feels like you doubled your purchase! To learn more, visit their website and Instagram!


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