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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

Let’s talk about green beauty, shall we!? In this blog post, I am going to discuss my journey with green beauty and provide some information about my favorite green beauty store and of course the products I love. Sit back in your organic face mask and enjoy!

I began my transition of using green beauty products a couple of years ago, when I learned how chemicals in beauty products had a similar toxic impact on the body as processed foods. Who would have thought?

Thanks to the good ol’ Google I tossed all my current chemical-filled face products into the trash and decided to use a very natural and simple skincare routine. I read online that less was more. Therefore, I used manuka honey as a cleanser, apple cider vinegar as a toner, and rosehip oil as a moisturizer. I chose these products because this is what seemed to work for most people.

What I didn’t realize is that every skincare routine needs to be different for each individual (just like a diet). What works for one person, may not work for another. My skin is blemish prone and sensitive. Therefore, I needed a different and strategic regimen.

Fast forward a month or so and I was sitting at the Biltmore Mall in Phoenix, Arizona outside near the wam fire pits. I was scrolling through Instagram, and one of my favorite bloggers (Organic Olivia) mentioned her favorite beauty store, Citrine Beauty Bar, located in Phoenix. Since Olivia lives in New York, and her favorite beauty store is in my hometown, this sparked my curiosity and I had to do a little research to figure out what this store was all about!

Side note — I always trust my favorite bloggers and their recommendations. I always do my own research, however, if my favorite trusted bloggers can cut down my research, I’m all in! This a great reason to trust me!

Eventually, I look up from my Instagram scrolling daze, and I realize that I’m sitting right in front of Citrine Beauty Bar! I KID YOU NOT, THIS IS A TRUE STORY! I looked back down at my phone to stalk the Citrine Instagram page that Olivia tagged to make sure this was, in fact, the same store and it was! I was in disbelief and excited about this coincidence! It must have been my destiny.

I walked into Citrine Beauty and noticed right away that this was a luxury store. The products are expensive, and when you walk into the store, it feels like you’re walking into Lisa Vanderpump’s closet/bathroom (from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). This store is GLAMOROUS, bright, beautiful, and refreshing. All of the ladies who were working at the time were so helpful, beautiful, vibrant, and truly skilled at their craft.

One of the employees helped me identify the best make-up and skincare products for my needs, and I was on my way.

Fast forward two years later and my entire bathroom is now filled with products from Citrine Beauty. Remember when I mentioned that I trust genuine bloggers and their product recommendations? That’s exactly how I feel about the products that Citrine offers.

Photo Credit: Citrine Beauty Bar

Citrine carries some of the best green beauty products on the market. I know that each product is carefully selected by Melissa, the owner of Citrine, based on quality and whether it is truly an organic and clean product. The effort that Melissa and her staff put into their company, instills trust in myself and others. I know I can confidently choose an organic beauty product from this store, and the research has already been done!

If you do not live in Phoenix, don’t worry! You can still experience Citrine via their online store and their social media accounts. Their Instagram and Website are breathtakingly beautiful just like their store. Each Instagram post has information about the product shown. They don’t merely post, “Click the link in our bio to purchase this product,” each post relays the benefits, ingredients, and who the product will benefit. During one of Citrine’s live streams, Melissa said, “you have to take skincare seriously and be consistent to see the best results. It’s just like dieting or working out.” When I heard that, it stuck with me forever and I have been consistent ever since.

Also, if you DM or comment on their Instagram post, the response you receive is unique for you. You can virtually get a skincare consultation over DM. How great is social media these days!?

Now enough about my green beauty journey, below is my current skincare routine. I can tell you for a fact these products work. My skin texture has improved significantly thanks to all the listed products. I didn’t think that in my 20’s I would need to be so proactive with anti-aging products, but I am SO happy I started to use the best products for preventative care.

Simply click on the product name to learn more and if you see anything in the store that you might love, please use my promotional code for 10% off “CASEY10”!


Morning Routine

TataHarper Regenerating Cleanser: This is a gentle exfoliant that can be used every day.

TataHarper Brightening Essence: this is a lightening and brightening product that can be used for hyperpigmentation

Patyka Plumping Serum: truthfully, I have only used this product for a little over a week, however, it has done more for me in a week than my other anti-aging serum has in a month! My skin is tighter, plumper, and my pores have decreased. Also, a little goes a long way. The tiniest pump will be enough for each use which is refreshing to know.

Suntegrity Sunscreen: I have lived in Arizona and just recently I start using sunscreen every day on my face. WHY did I wait so long?! I think  I was nervous about thick sunscreen on my face. Luckily, this is lightweight and non-toxic so I can rest easy about wearing sunscreen daily.

Evening Routine

****Same cleanser, essence, serum, +

TataHarper Clarifying Moisturizer: this lightweight moisturizer is gentle and light for blemish prone skin. It also smells like a SPA. 🙂 

TataHaper Resurfacing Mask: …and for the grand finale! My all time favorite mask EVER! I use this mask one time a week and it has changed my life. If you’re looking for instant glow, this will give it to you! You can use this in the morning as well or right before a big event. Aside from instant glow- I do not know how to describe this little jar of amazingness!

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