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Oil Pulling Benefits

Two-Week Challenge: Oil Pulling with Organic Coconut Oil.

The introduction to this blog was written by guest blogger, personal shopper, and dear friend, Madison Alexandra, of Pretty Einstein.

I was talking with my friend, Casey, and she’s a Goddess of knowledge when it comes to healthy alternatives. We often bounce ideas off each other and anything new we discover in health and wellness. I have been debating if I want to try oil pulling and am totally aware of the awesome benefits, I just HATE the taste of coconut! The smell is fine, I love my coconut oil and shea lotion. Lather me up and call me a biscuit! Just don’t make me eat it!

While enjoying a much needed girls night, I asked my health Goddess, Casey,   if she’s ever oil pulled with coconut oil. Dumb question, of course she had tried it! Casey said she hadn’t done it long enough to really benefit from the results. Good friends inspire each other, right? So this was the beginning of our two-week oil pulling challenge.

Here’s what happened!

Okay- Casey here!

First off, I’m absolutely flattered by the Goddess reference! Me? A health Goddess? Okay!

Back to the oil pulling challenge.

Madison and I rocked through this 14-day challenge and came up with the following:

What: Swish Organic Coconut Oil

How much: 1 tablespoon

Time: 10-20 minutes

Day 1-3 observations:

  • Severe nausea
  • Sore jaw (from swishing)
  • Difficulty focusing on the task at hand
  • Urge to swallow the oil
  • Fresh mouth
  • Gums seemed noticeably “healthier”

Day 3-7 observations:

Oil pulling benefits begin here!

  • Finally, whiter teeth!
  • Finally, brighter smile!
  • Less nausea
  • Learned to stay focused on other tasks while swishing
  • Junk coming up from throat during the swish

Day 7-14 observations:

This is where we really saw the real oil pulling benefits!

  • Increased energy
  • Routine swishing
  • Confidence in the process
  • Able to swish larger amounts for larger amounts of time
  • Whiter teeth
  • Brighter smile
  • Smooth lips
  • Health internal cheek wounds (yes those nasty bite wounds we all get)
  • Softer lips
  • Moisturized/hydrated skin

In conclusion:

We both enjoyed our oil pulling experiment and would recommend it to anyone who wants to “detox”, is feeling sick, wants a whiter/brighter smile, or anyone who wants to challenge themselves to something new!

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