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Naturally Lower Blood Pressure With Food

What Causes High Blood Pressure and How to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure With Food. 

Was there a point in your life that you have experienced headache, dizziness, nausea, chest pain and shortness of breath all at once?Be careful this is not just some simple symptom experience that you may infer due to the weather, fatigue. You might be experiencing hypertension- a condition wherein there is an increase in blood pressure (140/90 or above).

What causes high blood pressure?

Well there are various factors that lead to an increase in the blood pressure of an individual. Most of these factors are lifestyle-related. Take a look, some of these might be your day-to-day hobby.

Smoking. Smoking causes vasoconstriction- a condition in which the blood vessels are narrowed. When there is vasoconstriction, our blood would have a hard time passing through the vessels. Thus, increasing the pressure in the blood vessels.

Lack of physical activity. It is not new to us that sedentary lifestyle leads to a lot of dangerous conditions. Stagnation (aka not moving the body) is causing so much internal short-term and long-term damage to the body. We sit all day– literally- the body NEEDS MOVEMENT! Start your mornings with a walk and end your days with a walk, too. Just get your body moving. Stagnation is the root of all evil. Do you notice that after you workout you feel more alive, more energized, and are glowing (not just because of the sweat!) well, it’s because your blood is actually circulating properly.

Too much alcohol consumption. Keep in mind that alcohol contains calories and may contribute to unwanted weight gain increasing the risk for elevated blood pressure. Alcohol causes inflammation which causes your blood to flare up.. hello, high blood pressure! Alcohol in moderation is key.

Stress. As this catch-all term, broadly-defined links to a lot, and I really mean A LOT of conditions that the body may experience due to a systemic response to stress. Unfortunately, this can be one of the hardest items for most people to control. You body and mind is “stressed” about 22 times a day without even realizing it because it’s so common. I get it, it’s human nature to internally freak out but that constant stress can be dangerous to overall wellness.  

Excessive salt intake. Where salt goes, water follows. When there is an excess in sodium intake, it will create an imbalance in the body’s fluid. Fluid imbalance would overwork the kidneys and reducing its ability to filter and remove water. High blood pressure occurs as there is an extra fluid running through the delicate blood vessels.

Obesity. Simple.  Being overweight makes it hard for the blood to move around the body causing stagnation in the body.

If you take a look at the causes, it is highly modifiable, right? Not just modifiable, it is also natural and raw. But let’s start from the bottom- modifying our diet!

What to eat to lower blood pressure?

Garlic. Historically, garlic has been used for medicinal purposes. Garlic reduces cholesterol by 10-15 percent. It has also been found out on recent studies that garlic was just as effective as prescribed medications after 24 weeks.

Cashews and Almonds. These tree nuts are rich in magnesium content. These tree nuts can modify metabolic problems that causes high blood pressure.

Green tea. As mentioned last week, green tea has numerous miraculous effects. Due to its component called catechin, it can improve blood flow and pressure.

Olive oil. Olive oil is popularly the healthiest oil in the world. It is rich in health-healthy monounsaturated fats. It has been undeniably found out to have cardiovascular benefits reducing heart attacks, strokes, and death by 30 percent.

Anti-Inflammatory foods.  Leafy greens, salmon, probiotics- read all about inflammation in my recent blog post.


Since diet is said to be one of the factors that influences the increase in blood pressure, it will just be the foundation of all the leading factors of high blood pressure put into modification. As you start modifying your diet, you modify your lifestyle as well. In doing this, you’re not just lowering your blood pressure. Hitting a lot of birds with one stone: losing weight, boosting immune system, living a healthy life.

Unless you want to be popping blood pressure pills the rest of your life the answer is quite simple: clean up your diet and get your body moving- permanently!


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