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Juice Cleanse Benefits

Juice Cleanse Benefits

I was going to break my 3-Day Juice Cleanse results down day-by-day but each day was essentially the same for me and I didn’t struggle too much with it. 

Not because I’m superwoman but because this is my 4th juice cleanse and the more you do- the easier they get.

Before I hop into the benefits, let me clarify a common misconception.

Most people think the purpose of a juice cleanse is to deprive your body of food. However, it’s the exact opposite!

The purpose of a juice cleanse is to nourish your body and replenish it with all of the nutrients it’s lacking!

Seriously. An entire day of these recipes contains more nutrients than most people consume in a WEEK.

No- that is NOT an exaggeration.

Think about someone who eats a conventional American diet. Chips, pizza, tacos, hamburgers, soda, etc. 
Point proven.

Okay- now on to the good stuff and how I completed this 3-Day Juice Cleanse with zero problems!


  1. Mentally prepare. If your mindset is right, you can do ANYTHING. Trust me on this, I watched my partner eat chilli, fish, and fajitas right in front of me while I happily guzzled down my juice!
  2. Take it day-by-day. If you feel like quitting, just get through the day, and I promise you, you will feel ready to conquer the day when you wake up.
  3. Make your own juices. In my experience, cleanses from a juice bar are overly priced, small, and the juices contain way too much natural sugar from fruits that can make your stomach hurt! By making your juices at home, you keep all of the filling fiber in, and you can make as much as possible. (-It’s fine to drink more than 8oz.!)
  4. Get the most out of your cleanse. Because you are fully committed on these days- use them to your advantage! Want to read more? Want to exercise more? Want to relax more? This is the perfect time to enhance all areas of your life and goals!


  1. The most significant benefit from a juice cleanse is giving your digestive system a rest. Processing solids every day is hard work and sometimes the system needs a rest– just like we do. 
  2. An influx of nutrients. Liquids, in general, are absorbed much faster than solids, therefore, your body is going to have an IV of nutrients daily.
  3. Hydration. Between the mix of juices and water intake, your body will feel extra hydrated.
  4. Detox from carbs and sugars. Cravings will decrease significantly.
  5. Bloating be gone! Your stomach will feel less bloated and feel tighter- right after day 1!

I hope this information encourages you to give a cleanse a shot!

Your body is much stronger than you think- the things it’s capable of are incredible! 

Give it a shot- and let me know how it goes.


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