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Healthy Memorial Day Snacks

Hosting or attending a Memorial Day BBQ? Be prepared with some healthy snacks!

A few tips:

  • Minimize dairy! Do you notice you get EXTRA full and bloated after multiple slices of cheese and crackers? Dairy is known to block the digestive system causing discomfort. No fun for a BBQ!
  • Bring your own salad or appetizer to share! Sounds super obvious, however, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to BBQs. You can entirely control what is in the meal so you know there will be something healthy for you to enjoy! 
  • Do not hang around the snack table…! This one is hard. Most people gather near the chips and dip- grab your plate and walk away. Avoid processed foods like chips or pretzles. Most of these snacks contain addicting ingredients that makes you crave and snack on them until the entire bowl is gone.
  • Bring your own drinks to enjoy. Skip the soda and juice. Bring a Kombucha or sparkling water so that you can still have something other than water without feeling tempted to have soda or juice. 

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