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CBD Hemp Oil- have you heard of it!? Have you tried it!?

According to Bio Naturals, “CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a natural cannabis component of the hemp plant with multiple medical benefits, without making you feel “high” like marijuana or the THC in marijuana.”

I was so curious about CBD oil after my favorite radio show host started to rave about it. He also gave it to his dogs for anxiety- what!? Naturally, I wanted to try it because I am a human guinea pig who likes to try all of the new health trends. 🙂 Anyone else?

I was mainly interested in trying it because it’s known to reduce inflammation and anxiety- both are something I struggle with, so I decided to give it a go and add it to my nightly routine for the past 2 weeks. Per the instructions, I put a whole dropper full under my tongue, let it sit for a minute, then swallow. The taste is a little harsh but nothing terrible. I also decided to add a couple of drops to my moisturizer because I also heard of people using it in their skincare routine.

For the past two weeks, my sleep has been amazing! Perhaps it’s the CBD oil? I’m always a great sleeper, but I have had no problems falling asleep with my wandering mind!

As for the moisturizer- my skin feels so silky smooth. I haven’t seen any results in regards to the inflammation on my face. However, it truly hydrates the skin! I started to use it in the morning with my moisturizer as well, and I am left with this dewy, natural glow.

According to Bio Naturals, other health benefits of CBD oil include:

  • Reduce inflammation in the colon and liver
  • Relieve nausea and stomach pains
  • Reduce anxiety

In my opinion, CBD oil is on the more expensive side for a small tincture, and I am not entirely sure if I will continue to use it in my daily routine, however, if you struggle with a wandering mind and falling asleep- I would recommend you give it a go!

For more information, visit: https://www.cbdbionaturals.com

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