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My 5 Day Bone Broth Cleanse Results & Experience!

My 5 Day Bone Broth Cleanse Results & Experience!

Bone Broth and Gut Healing

In my lifetime I have taken a lot of antibiotics because I didn’t know any better. I was prescribed antibiotics for an entire year just for my acne problem, which is absurd! During that time, I wasn’t aware that antibiotics can only be taken up to 7 days and if you take it longer than that, it will totally destroy your gut— it will remove all bacteria including the good ones, which makes it impossible to absorb nutrients, have regular bowel movements, and digest food properly.

I followed the doctor’s prescription and took antibiotics for one year and I‘m suffering for the horrible effect it caused my gut. I’ve been trying to fix my damaged gut for almost 3 years now, but I’m aware that because of the great damage, it will take years for it to heal.

I entirely changed my diet and lifestyle for faster recovery and I decided to take the next step and do a full blown bone broth cleanse combined with Dr. Axe’s Leaky Gut Protocol.

Here is a brief overview of my 5 Day Bone Broth Cleanse! 

Day 1 & Day 2

Not bad! The taste of the broth was satisfying as well! I wasn’t too hungry these days; I was more excited to get started!

Day 3

I had low energy but wasn’t “hungry” if that makes sense. My mind was tired but my stomach and body felt fine. It’s only been 3 days since I started taking but I can already feel the good effect it has for my stomach.

Day 4

Woke up feeling great! I did my Orange Theory Fitness workout in the morning and decided to make myself a shake because I burned so many calories and I need to replenish my energy. I made my morning smoothie and added some stevia. Unfortunately, I discovered that my taste buds were too sensitive for it so I didn’t finished the drink and I threw it away. 

Day 5

I woke up feeling amazing. I was still sensitive to food flavors. I had a handful of nuts at lunch time with the broth and I noticed they didn’t taste as satisfying as they usually do. I also picked up my favorite smoothie from a local juice shop and although tasty it wasn’t as taste as good as it usually is. My taste buds were super sensitive!

Some things I did during the body cleansing period:

  • Added spoonful of coconut oil for lunch and dinner. Healthy fat gave me energy and kept me full.
  • Magnesium powder at night. This pulls down all the liquids and relaxes the colon.
    • Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for developing normal bone structure. It is also a laxative so people who are constipated are recommended to take it. It also an antacid for acid indigestion. Aside from magnesium powder or tablets, you can also find magnesium in foods such as legumes, whole grains, vegetables like broccoli, squash, and green leafy vegetable, seeds, and nuts (especially almonds). It is also present in dairy products, meats, chocolate, and coffee. Water with a high mineral content, or “hard” water, is also a source of magnesium.
  • Dr.Axes’ Leaky Gut Protocol (collagen, probiotics, and his powder)
    • According to Dr.Axes’ Leaky Gut Protocol, these triggers that can worsen the gut problem should be avoided. Taking glutamine is also highly recommended. Glutamine is unique in that the cells of small intestine use it for fuel. Studies have found that glutamine supports the regeneration and repair of cells lining the intestinal wall.
  • 1-2 raw avocados a day- again, healthy fat is great for the body.
  • 120oz of water daily. Hydration is important during body cleansing and everyday as well.
  • Warm lemon water every morning. Awesome for the digestive system and good for detoxifying the body.
  • 1,000g of L-Glutamine 3x a day
    • Glutamine is an amino acid that is the building block for proteins. It is usually used to combat side effects of other medicines and some medical treatments. On cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy this is used to fight or minimize side effects of the therapy such as diarrhea, pain and swelling inside the mouth, and nerve pain. It is also used to protect immune system. It also help improve digestive system conditions such as stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. It is also used for depression, moodiness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and enhancing exercise performance.

Results & Takeaways:

  • I had three massive cystic pimples on my chin- by day 5 they were all deflated. Although my acne didn’t entirely clear- I feel that if I kept this going for longer it certainly would.
  • Hair was noticeably shiner. I have a good head of hair and with the winter days coming I could feel it drying out so this was a nice bonus!
  • By the end of the day I was exhausted.  I was not tired and did not lack energy throughout the day but by the end of the day I was wiped and in bed by 8:30pm. Slept like a baby every night.
  • Self-control- yippy! I love putting this to the test. Removing solid foods for 5 days is tough and this is a great challenge for the body.
  • 2 quality bowel movements a day- WIN!
  • Stomach and abdomen felt amazing! Zero bloating, zero pain, zero gas– just a flat and comfortable stomach
  • Increased taste sensitivities. This is a good thing! Are all my “favorite meals and treats” really that yummy?
  • Increased awareness about what foods I should and shouldn’t eat.
  • Portion control awareness. I DO NOT need a massive plate of dinner/lunch. I was healthy and full after 20oz of bone broth per meal! I’m one to overeat even if meals are healthy so this really gave me a good measure of how much food I actually need to make it through the day.

During this fast I got my food allergies tested (skin and blood test). This was a great time to do so because sometimes the tests can give false readings depending on what you eat (at least that’s what my dr. said so I was happy to know they were testing a fresh Pallet!)

Overall I am very satisfied with the results and am going to do the 5 day cleanse monthly or just use the broth as a meal once a week!


If you followed me on my journey on Instagram, you’ll notice that I used OssoGood Bone Broth! I have tried a few brands of bone broth and this is one of my favorites because it’s affordable, delicious, high quality, and it’s infused with Chinese Herbs to heal the gut!

OssoGood Bone Broth always has great promotions going on so you can get $10 or $15 off an order and free US shipping is always great and the broth arrives frozen.

Their cleanse is also simple- two 20oz packets of broth daily. That’s it! I had one full package for lunch and one full package for dinner.

If you’re struggling with digestive issues and want to heal your gut and- I highly recommend you click here to instantly download my free list of 5 supplements that will help bloating and constipation!


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  • Cam

    I tried bone broth in fasting and I was kind of afraid I’m not going to stick to it, so I just put in 3 days to it. I drank this product, Au Bon Broth, and what surprised me is that instead of feeling tired, it even made me feel more energetic and it felt like I wasn’t starving myself as well.

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