No Money in a Cure. Keep ’em Sick, Keep ’em Trapped, Keep ’em Paying.

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No Money in a Cure. Keep ’em Sick, Keep ’em Trapped, Keep ’em Paying.

No Money in a Cure. Keep ’em Sick, Keep ’em Trapped, Keep ’em Paying.

That’s the story that kept coming up for me, at least… and it wasn’t going away…

In fact, it became clear to me that the long-term game wasn’t about healing or cure… and boy did I learn that the hard way about a year into my dermatology experience.

My boyfriend had arrived at my house to pick me up for a little night on the town… and I well…I refused to leave the house. I absolutely would not step foot outside my home.

“Look at my face! It’s painful and disgusting”

The “painful and disgusting” was my chronic cystic acne…every time I thought it was dying down, it was only get worse.

And that night I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt pained that my body was betraying me like this…

I finally decided enough was enough.

After my first visit to the dermatologist, I left feeling super excited and hopeful about the prospects of healing my acne…. Something I had not felt in a LONG time.

Prescription in hand, I was ready to start taking the antibiotics and optimistic about the topical creams!

A few weeks into my newly prescribed routine, my skin was glowing more than ever before! My confidence was renewed and more importantly my skin didn’t feel so painful to touch.

I think you know where I’m going with this…

That feeling didn’t last long and eventually, the cysts came back.

I would go for my 3-month check-up at the dermatologist and was simply given more pills, more topicals, and finally I was told that Accutane may be my only option…

OR I could start taking 2 antibiotics daily…

Those were my only options?!

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Antibiotics shouldn’t be taken for longer than a week. I was on them for a year at this point.

I stood my ground with my doctor – there was no way I would take more antibiotics. I made it abundantly clear that the medication was giving me terrible gut and vaginal problems.

I also let the doctor know that I thought this was a temporary solution, that medication was only going to be in my future for a short while not a whole year!

I wanted to be off of them ASAP.

Although my physician wasn’t resistant to my going off the antibiotics, she wasn’t in the least helpful with alternative methods or solutions…

“WTF!?” I thought to myself. “Why is this lady only prescribing me “medicine” and why wasn’t anything working?”11751464_1017096978314354_5585974939189164766_n

And when I say she was ONLY prescribing meds I mean  I was on Doxycycline, Retin-A, Adapalene, and Aczone… I was even getting steroid injections into the cysts on my face!


Painful – you bet your pimple it was!

When I left that appointment was I was confused, frustrated and determined to find my own solution via research.

It was at this time, I realized that it was the doctor’s job to prescribe their patients something every time they left the office…

Doctors didn’t get paid to heal their patients. They got paid by putting a band-aid on the health concern or issue at hand – when the band aid came off, you would need another one from them…

It dawned on me that there was no money in a cure.

I was pissed.

I was pissed that nothing had worked. I was pissed that the antibiotics destroyed my digestive system. I was pissed I was so constipated. I was pissed that I was living with yeast infections for a year. I was pissed that I blew so much money on copays and prescriptions…

Truthfully though I was terrified to get off of the meds I had been so reliant on for the last year.

If my skin looked like this (still acne infected) on the meds what would it look like without them!?

But I took a deep breath and decided to ditch the pills and the creams for good.

I was determined to heal my gut and feel comfortable in my own skin again no matter how long it took.

So, I started with a very simplistic plan.

I added more vegetables and water to my diet. 

I then tested for food allergies by eliminating meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten one by one to see how my body reacted…I used my very body to experiment.

I started finding that certain foods triggered my skin to flare up in outbreaks, so began to eliminate based on trial and error.

I also had to face my fears and slowly (and hesitantly) eliminate my prescribed meds.

Eventually, I had nothing else to throw away –  I was free from the Doxycycline, Retin-A, Adapalene, and Aczone.

I even switched over to a completely natural skin care routine that included honey as my cleanser and rosehip oil as my moisturizer. (Stay tuned! Next week I will do an entire post on my natural skin care routine!)

Fast forward to today where I can FINALLY tell a story of clear, smooth skin!

When I do have skin flare ups, it’s not a mystery and I know how to remedy it quickly without minimal damage or pain to my skin or overall health.

I’m providing this information because I wish I knew the information I know now before I walked into the dermatology office that day…

Before I spent all that money…

Before all the fretting and stressing and discomfort….

I want YOU to know and I want you to make a change NOW so you can heal and feel at peace with you skin and your health!

If you’re feeling stuck with similar health problems and want to be surrounded by like-minded people who are going through the same thing, I invite you to join my Private Facebook Group! I will be there to answer your health related questions and support you on your healthful journey!

Come on over. I’d love to have you!


Disclaimer: This is a resource guide for educational and informational purposes only, and should not replace hiring a medical doctor. The author is writing from her experience and is not a medical doctor. No one should go off any medications without consulting their doctor.The author will not be held responsible for any side or adverse effects resulting from the use of these recipes or ingredients.

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