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How Much Fiber Do Women Need Daily?

How Much Fiber Do Women Need Daily and Why you NEED to track how much fiber you consume daily!

When it comes to micros and macros of food, I never count how much I consume. I choose to live a life of balance and eat based on how food makes me FEEL. Does a bagel make me feel great? Heck no, it makes me feel bloated and sluggish. Therefore, I do not eat them. One might say a bagel has too many carbs- but I have no idea. What I do know is that it makes me feel like shit.

With that being said, I have never been one to count calories, carbs, etc.… until recently when I became obsessed with counting how many grams of fiber I consume daily.

Fiber is a word that is thrown around a lot. “You need fiber to poop,” “you need more fiber,” “you need 25g of fiber a day” but how many of you know WHY you NEED fiber?

Don’t worry- I didn’t know why fiber was so crucial until recently. I started learning about fiber through the F-Factor diet created by Tanya Zuckerbrot, a dietitian who preaches the importance of fiber, not just for weight loss but for living the healthiest life possible.

Of course, I became a detective and started to do a ton of research, and I have now become obsessed with fiber due to its health benefits.

Fiber helps eliminate toxins from the body- enough said! Not only does it make you poo, but it also acts as a sponge, soaking up loads of toxins before eliminating those toxins from the body. Your body cannot digest or hold onto fiber which is why the fiber is eliminated.

Since I have started consuming 25g-30g of fiber daily I have noticed a tremendous difference in my digestion. It has become more regular, and I feel amazing! PS- regular meaning going to the restroom 1-3 times a day and feeling satisfied afterward (you know what I mean here)!

Removing toxins from the body is vital for healthy skin and a healthy gut.

FACT- Did you know that most Americans only consume about 10g of fiber/day when women need 25g-30g of fiber/day and men need 35g/day (According to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics &

Okay, now that we know about fiber, let’s talk about where to get fiber from. When we think about fiber, we usually think about vegetables. However, a lot of veggies do not have THAT MUCH FIBER which is why it’s important to know about other sources of fiber.

*Note* veggies should be consumed at every meal regardless of their fiber content!

  • Avocado: 6.7g fiber/ ½ avocado
  • Brussel Sprouts 4g fiber/ cup.
  • Black beans: 15g fiber/ cup
  • Bran Flakes: 7g fiber/ cup
  • Chia Seeds: 5.5g/per tablespoon. TIP- add a tablespoon to your beverages such as water, coffee, smoothies, etc!
  • Chickpeas: 12.5g fiber/ cup
  • Lentils: 15.6g fiber/ cup
  • Kale: 2.5g fiber/cup
  • Raspberries: 8g fiber/ cup.
  • GGs Crispbread Crackers: 4g fiber/cracker

I want to focus on GGs Crispbread Crackers for a minute. I learned about these gems from a fellow nutritionist Neda Varbanova who is a fantastic recipe creator and loves GGs crackers. These crackers are also apart of the F-Factor diet that I mentioned earlier. These crackers are incredibly high in fiber, and if you enjoy a few a day, you’ll be able to meet your daily fiber intake with no problem!

I usually make myself an avocado toast with 3 GGs crackers every morning = 12g of fiber and enjoy another 3 crackers at lunch or dinner which brings me to 22g of fiber/day.

I tend to each a ton of vegetables at every meal. Therefore, I have no problem hitting my fiber goal of 25g-30g fiber/day.

Please note that you NEED to drink at least 3L of water a day or more if you’re body can tolerate it to flush the fiber out. Otherwise, you can end up constipated or with hard stools which is NO FUN!

Here are a few of my #FFF (fiber filled food) ideas for you using GGs Crackers! ENJOY and click here to follow me on Instagram for some seriously easy and healthy recipes! 



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