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50% of people say coffee is unhealthy, and the other 50% swear by it…. So what’s my take?

The coffee bean is not the enemy….all of the additives that are usually in a coffee beverage are!

In fact, coffee beans have a slew of health benefits. It’s high in antioxidants, and some say it can improve memory and increase fat-loss.

Again, the coffee bean is NOT the enemy.

Coffee becomes problematic due to added sugars, syrups, low-quality milk/cream, and/or when an individual is 100% reliant on coffee to be a functioning human.

You know what I mean… those people moping around the office every morning claiming they cannot even speak to you without their coffee? Or those people, who need multiple cups a day to make it through the day.

Every person should have enough natural energy to wake up feeling healthy and energized and should be able to function at a high level WITHOUT coffee or caffeine.

Coffee becomes even more problematic for high-stressed individuals or people with adrenal fatigue. Caffeine (coffee) stimulates your nervous system which can cause hormonal issues, weight gain, and dehydration.

So, how can we all enjoy coffee in a healthy way without killing our nervous system or crashing due to the sugar content?My tips:

  1. My tips:
    Organic coffee beans. Coffee beans are heavily sprayed with pesticides- who would have thought!? Don’t devalue the nutritional value of these yummy beans by purchasing low-quality brands. You can find organic coffee at Costco, Whole Foods, or online.
  2. NO SUGAR! Use stevia to sweeten your coffee if needed or a tiny bit of organic honey. Please do not add sugar or syrups. Did you know that a grande vanilla latte from Starbucks has 17gs of sugar!? That’s insanity. That’s 3 tsp of sugar! I’d rather eat a cookie for that amount of sugar… agree or agree!?
  3. Use organic, full-fat milk or unsweetened nut milk as your cream.
  4. Cream alternative- below is a recipe that was introduced to me a couple of years ago and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was considering the second ingredient!
    Bulletproof Coffee Recipe:
    – 1 tsp organic coconut oil
    – 1 tsp grass fed-butter (yes, butter! But it has to be high quality)
    – stevia
    – 1 cup of coffee
    – splash of nut milk
    – blend and enjoy!
  5. Dandy Blend- this is NOT coffee. However, it is a coffee-like beverage that is an herbal tea made of dandelion. Dandy Blend has a similar taste, smells like coffee, and the texture is almost identical.
  6. If you are reliant on coffee- you need to reduce the amount of coffee you drink. Lower to one cup a day, lower to a few cups a week, then quit entirely. After being a month “clean” slowly introduce it back into your life. This will help your body gain it’s natural energy back and balance out your adrenals.
  7. If you’re a stressed person- read number 6, again! If you go to a coffee shop, request a nut milk alternative and ask for half the amount of sweetener (this usually means fewer pumps of syrup). This will allow you to keep the sugar intake low and avoid low-quality dairy.

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