What is Inflammation + Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need to Eat!

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What is Inflammation + Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need to Eat!

What is Inflammation + Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Need to Eat!

Are you aware of the sources that are linked to some unceasing diseases and obesity? 

You may notice some inflamed areas in your body and perhaps you just thought that you can’t get out of it? Or you may probably think of what caused such thing to appear?

I am pertaining to a condition known as inflammation. Traditionally, this is accompanied by redness, swelling, heat and the most irritating of all- pain.

Here’s the good news about it that you may or may not know: inflammation is a good sign that our immune system is accurately functioning as this is our shield or our natural defense system.

The bad news is that the presence of inflammation is a precursor that your body is being attacked by foreign bodies or the like. The foreign invaders are detected by the body leading to the release of cytokines, a special chemical that is activated to protect the body from the said invaders.

This typical type of inflammation is normal. It helps your body protect and restores itself.  However, when your immune system shifts out of stability, inflammation can be as extensive as a chronic and detrimental fire inside your body that contributes to the progression of a chronic disease and other physical pains.  

What does inflammation do?

Inflammation can be seen everywhere and anywhere among ourselves. Once inflammation is already present, it is highly self-extending. The inflammatory cytokines travel throughout the body causing stress to the mechanism and structure of the cells.

5 Major Causes of Inflammation:

  1. Glucose. Excessive intake of glucose can prompt the release of inflammatory cytokines.
  2. Chemicals. Pesticides, pollution from the waste all-around, synthetic cosmetic additives- they all kindle our immune systems and impair prime production of energy of the cell.
  3. Pathogens. Modified foods promote intestinal sponginess. This leads to change in the intestinal flora that expedite growth of devious bacteria, yeast, fungus- this then keeps our immune system in stress. Thus, constantly alarming our inflammatory response.
  4. Stress. Stress has been a problem to a lot of destructions in our body. It is also a systemic immune response that cuts the secretion of immunoglobulin IgA- essential in shielding our gut. As stress triggers the release of these substances, it then activates immune response which can be manifested through inflammation.
  5. Food intolerances. If your body is unable to digest certain types of food, inflammation can occur. Symptoms include acne, rashes (such as rosacea), bloating, and constipation. Dairy, sugar, and gluten are the two major food items that cause inflammation. 

5 Ways to Counteract Inflammation:

Simple. This broad-based symptom that could echo a state of body tension is just a sign that your body is undergoing inflammatory imbalance which is caused by cortisol dysfunction due to an out-of-sorts gut. Here’s a jolt into modifying your body in different directions:

  1. Exercise. This all-encompassing activity has been known to have a lot of benefits and therefore a must-do endeavor. Due to its cardiovascular benefits, your body will have augmented the circulation in the blood which is good for the body’s cell function and rejuvenation. 3-5x/week will be enough for a healthy body. You’re body is not meant to be stagnant- so get up and get moving!
  2. Meditation. As we relax, our brain and body relaxes, as well.
  3. Acupuncture. This ancient treatment moves stagnation and body qi (energy) within the body- reducing inflammation. 
  4. Supplementations/Herbs. Both can help calm and prevent body inflammation. 
  5. Diet. And of course, since inflammation is primarily rooted from an unhealthy gut, diet and food has a whopping role in counteracting inflammation.

What is the right diet to get rid of inflammation?

Last week, we have partly discussed the function of our gut.  Basically, your diet and lifestyle are the things that injure your gut. When the bacteria damages the gut’s lining- a critical barricade that keeps the immune system from having to dispense in fighting with all the toxins- a condition is called the leaky gut. The food particles escape across the dented barrier, and your immune system strikes these partially digested food particles.  That’s when you obtain food intolerances and allergic reactions.

11 Foods That Fight Inflammation:  

  1. Blueberries. Blueberries contain a class of antioxidants that interject to the anti-inflammatory effects by effectually shutting down inflammatory and immune genes. Furthermore, blueberries are rich in Vitamin C which is known to have anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.
  2. Raw oats. Yes, aside from fighting inflammation you get to radically lose some fat, particularly in the belly. As the oats are made up of resistant starch, this starch passes through the gut undigested. Thus, feeding the healthy gut bacteria and reduces inflammation in the body and insulin resistance as well.
  3. Ginger. Studies show that ginger has been proven to have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Its compounds impede several genes and enzymes in the body that produce inflammation.
  4. Green tea. Another weight-loss tool, isn’t it? It has been proven to have health miracles for ages. The benefits are rooted from the catechins, a group of antioxidants from the leaves of tea plants. High content of these antioxidants have stronger anti-inflammatory elixir than other teas. These properties then have implications in preventing the growth and development of skin tumors.
  5. Dark chocolate. Hello to all chocolate-lovers out there! Dark chocolate has been found out to gain excess weight and lower blood sugar levels. This also has anti-inflammatory compounds that shut down genes linked to insulin resistance and inflammation. Now, don’t use this as an excuse to eat all of the chocolate in sight! Make sure it’s organic, made with at least 60% and over pure CACAO powder, not COCOA. Most chocolate bars are loaded with sugar, and that will cause more inflammation.
  6. Turmeric. One of my favorite spices and herb to cook with!  Not necessarily because of the taste but because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is known to be a natural painkiller.  
  7. Salmon. What is the most popular source of omega-3? Yes, it’s salmon! When it comes to source of good fats, salmon is the answer. The compounds in the salmon efficiently attacks inflammation by increasing the adiponectin- a hormone responsible for the enhancement of the muscle’s ability to use carbohydrates for energy, boosts metabolism and burns fat leading to a drastic decrease in inflammation markers.
  8. Green leafy vegetables. As these vegetables are rich in vitamin C, E and K- these vitamins have been found to protect the body from inflammatory cytokines.
  9. Probiotics.  Adding cultured, fermented foods- commonly known as probiotics- are known to be beneficial in enriching the gut. Good gut means the proper breakdown of foods fighting inflammation. I also recommend taking a probiotic, daily! I personally use Natren Probiotics. 
  10. Bone broth. Last week, we talked about the new food craze which they call as the “magical elixir” because of its numerous benefits. Good news! The bone broth also has anti-inflammatory effects that can heal the gut and lessening inflammation.
  11. Apple cider vinegar. ACV has many properties to help internal inflammation. Especially in the gut. Notice a trend here? Gut health is important! Internally, you can take a shot of this potent vinegar straight up or dilute it in water. You can easily add it to salads and dressings as well to get your daily dose.  It can also be applied topically to burns, cuts, acne, or other external inflammation.

Please note that your body needs to be in an alkaline and “anti-inflammatory” state for at least 80% of the time.

Unfortunately, it only takes one small meal of inflammation causing foods to cause serious inflammation/symptons and it can take days or even weeks to get your body back to normal. How unfair! 

As the cliché goes, prevention is truly better than cure. Seeing that inflammation is a contributor to carcinoma, prevention would take place in a sense that we don’t allow the inflammation to progress into cancer or any other degenerative diseases. Perhaps those abovementioned food can be found in the backyard or in the grocery stores, right? Hence being healthy is stress-free!

One way to easily add the above foods into your lifestyle is by making a green juice, daily! As always, you need to incorporate healthy foods into your daily routine to see the benefits!

Luckily for you, I have a super easy and yummy juice that you can make every morning.

Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice

Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice!

  • 1 cup spinach
  • 2 inches cucumber
  • 1 celery stock
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 lemon (peel and toss in entire half- do not only use the juice)
  • 1-inch ginger
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • Feeling risky? Add a splash of apple cider vinegar!

Blend all ingredients together in a powerful blender and enjoy immediately and daily!

If you’re struggling with digestive issues and might want to heal your gut and inflammation- I highly recommend you click here to instantly download my free list of 5 supplements that will help bloating and constipation!

SOURCES OF INFORMATION: https://draxe.com/anti-inflammatory-foods/http://www.eatthis.com/anti-inflammatory-foods

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